What is the purpose of a martingale dog collar?

Italian Greyhound Clothing

Martingale Collars are specifically designed for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets and other Sighthounds. Martingale collars gently tighten as your dog pulls or walks away, putting tension on the lead. Slipping out of a Martingale is nearly impossible for our cone headed furry friends.

The Martingale Collar can only be removed by pulling over the dog’s head (by the owner) when the hound is calm, making the chain slack and collar spacious enough to do so.

Martingale collars with a wide, flat surface design are best for larger sighthounds (whippets & greyhounds) as well as Italian Greyhounds that like to pull on the lead.

Why choose a martingale collar over a traditional collar or harnesses for my Italian Greyhound?

Most dog owners will say using a harness is best for on lead walking. However, as Italian Greyhounds owners we know that Italian Greyhounds have special needs (and head shapes), so this is not always the case.

Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Greyhounds and other Sighthounds, have cone shaped skulls - unlike other dogs. This means traditional collars and most harnesses can be easily escaped from - by the hound backing out of the harness or collar.

What types of Martingale Collars are available?

We currently have two types of martingale collars available for Italian Greyhounds and Whippets.

The Iggy Dogwear Shearling Lined Martingale Collar has a soft lambs shearling lining, which is gentle on hairless necks.

The Iggy Dogwear Rolled Leather Martingale Collar are a great lightweight option, best for Italian Greyhounds with good on lead manners.

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