How to choose the right sweater for your Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Clothing

Sighthounds are special. We all know this.  Their body shapes are unlike other dog breeds – with their deep chests and waspy waists making them natural speedsters. 

Italian greyhound clothing vs Regular dog clothing

This also means that regular dog clothing just doesn’t fit quite right. With traditional dog clothing, if it fits a sighthounds chest, it is going to be gaping under their belly, which means a sweater covered in pee.

A good sweater should fit to the curves and swerves of your Italian greyhounds, whippet or greyhounds body. Sleeve length is also important. Sleeves that are full length (to the wrist) often get peed on as well… and no one like a stinky sweater.

Buying your Italian greyhound clothing that is made to fit their breed is a worthwhile investment. In a sweaters lifetime, being peed on less means getting washed less frequently and it turn means lasting longer. A high quality sweater should last up to 2 years.

Comfortable fits and fabrics are also an important factor. The clothing should not irritate the dog – at least not once they are used to wearing it! Some Italian Greyhounds also have ultra-sensitive skin. For a first-time sweater, try a cotton blend garment. Cotton is the least likely fibre to irritate sensitive skin.

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Stay warm!

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